What Is A Dermal Filler? Dermal Filler Anti-Ageing Treatments In Oxfordshire.

Dermal Filler Anti-Ageing Treatments In Oxfordshire

At Lumiere MediSpa we provide dermal filler treatments for patients seeking to rejuventate some of their facial features that have changed with age, such as the cheek volume, nose to mouth lines, mouth corners that have turned downwards; even treatments for the hands are available.

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What Is A Dermal Filler?

A dermal filler is a sterile soft gel-like substance, usually made from hyaluronic acid, although other types of dermal filler are available, such as Radiesse containing calcium hydroxylapatite.

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler are usually cross-linked molecules of hyaluronic acid, a form of sugar molecule, creating a clear gel. This soft gel is gently inserted under the skin with a needle and injected into very specific areas of the face and lips to create the desired degree of correction for a naturally fresher, healthier appearance. Watch Adrian Baker, registered nurse, discuss dermal filler below.

For more information about dermal filler and other skin treatments, book a consultation with registered nurse Adrian Baker at Lumiere MediSpa in Oxford. www.lumieremedispa.co.uk

Will I Look "Done" Or Fake If I Have A Dermal Filler Treatment?

It is something that is commonly asked by patients, and we can totally understand why. Most of what the general public know of dermal fillers is what they have seen on TV; celebrities who have taken skin treatments to extreme. However, what you don't see are the millions of people who are having dermal filler treatments sensibly with a natural approach. You don't know because you can't tell. You would be surprised by the type of people we treat and would never think would be having dermal filler treatments, yet they are keeping naturally well-looking.

We always encourage patients to discuss how they feel about their general facial appearance rather than a few wrinkles. We treat the face holistically to create balance and harmony in the face. Focussing on a single area only creates an unbalanced appearance such as a patient who is only interested in treating lip lines, but actually show sallow cheeks and under eyes. To treat lip lines with dermal filler in isolation would look unnatural, however if other ageing features are addressed at the same time, the natural harmony of facial features are restored.

Does A Dermal Filler Treatment Hurt?

For your comfort a topical anaesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before treatment. You may still feel a little discomfort, but most people find this only mild.

Take a look below at this 59 year old patient receiving a dermal filler treatment at Lumiere MediSpa in Oxford.

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